Natural latex pillow How to Watch?

To check that the latex pillow is in your hand. Is it the quality that you want?

It is quite difficult. How can you check that the latex pillows are of good quality, we have observed and tested methods as follows.

Usually, “latex pillows” have to be zipped.

Can open and see the rubber content inside, usually good quality latex pillows it should be creamy white to off-white. If the color of the pillow is white and the shape is very beautiful, there is a possibility that Starch or other materials are mixed into the manufacturing process of a latex pillow to give the pillow a beautiful shape to use.

A real latex pillow must have a small bubble mark.

The rubber texture is porous because it is formed by drying the latex into a lump which is formed from the production process

Newly manufactured latex pillows There will be uneven edges will need to be trimmed. It is normal for real latex pillows to have traces of trimming.

The resilience and recovery of latex pillows

Usually genuine latex pillows it has outstanding features in its flexibility. They can also be easily twisted or pressed into various shapes and are not too stiff. The pillow must be recovered in a very fast time. You can test the flexibility of a latex pillow by experimenting with folding, twisting, or pressing on it and observe the pillow’s recovery flexibility and even better weight distribution

The smell of latex pillow

You may not know that “latex pillows” actually have a mild rubber smell that hides this smell. It is as unique as you can find in new latex pillows. And made from 100% natural rubber latex pillow.

Certification standards

If you observe carefully, you will find that the latex pillows are often sewn on labels. “Certification standard” attached to the included pillowcase for the first time. With certification standards that can be seen in the market such as
TTM (THAILAND TRUST MARK): This is a symbol that indicates the latex pillow that you are holding is a product that has been selected that is a great product from Thailand

Confidence in Textiles: This is a typical international OEKO – Tex Standard 100 certification. This indicates that this pillow is a textile and apparel product, there is no danger of residue.

ECO-UMWELT and LGA is a guarantee that this product is made from genuine rubber. Quality control Production throughout the production process is 100% inspected until the end of the production process.

But in fact, there are also latex pillows mixed with chemicals to reduce the amount of concentrated latex 60% less. to make a big profit (pillow is not quality) scattered in the market. With the above logo, the easiest way is to twist the pillow several times, when there is tension the pillow will not tear. Due to the outstanding properties of genuine rubber is highly flexible.

Please see the video demonstration at the attached link. We don’t lie to you because we are the owner of fresh latex every morning.

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