Recommended tips and how to choose a latex pillow.

Latex pillows are products that many manufacturers send directly to the market to meet many consumers’ needs. Until sometimes I don’t know which type is good or suitable for use or not let’s go see that which type should I choose to get the best quality products?

There should be ventilation holes.

Natural latex pillows should have ventilation holes because, in the manufacturing process, heat is required for the molding of the pillow. If the company or operator that produces using genuine rubber as the main ingredient the rubber is hot and will set the body of the Pillow. In this production process itself, if it is a genuine rubber it may cause the pillow to have a few holes for ventilation. Making the pillow’s surface not smooth.

But if the pillow is super smooth there are no ventilation holes at all. Can easily guess that the pillow is definitely not a natural latex pillow because it may be mixed with flour or artificial rubber, a mixture that contains more quantity than real rubber.

The contact surface is not flaky.

Latex pillows that are flaky or have decayed. Caused by mixing chemicals or raw materials used in the manufacture of pillows that do not meet the international standard formula. Or there is a mixture of chemicals that cause the pillow to set too much than necessary if we find a pillow with such characteristics we should not buy it. Because it is a low-quality latex pillow causing us to waste-free money and may adversely affect our health as well.

The color of the real latex pillow should be yellowish-white.

Due to the process of producing the latex pillow When processed By using heat to set shape If it is genuine rubber When processed using the appropriate temperature The color of the pillow made from latex is yellowish-white. But if it is yellow then The steps in the production Overheating May make pillows made of latex, not quality, but nowadays Process steps In the production of rubber pillows Has developed a lot Therefore making pillows made from 100% real latex have a white color Make it more attractive to use.

Pillow weight should have a minimum weight of 1.3 kg.

The pillows are made from real rubber. Must have a weight of at least 1.3kg. That is because Rubber meat is relatively heavier than other raw materials. But if the latex pillow is light. Most of them are made from synthetic rubber, that is, a mixture of additives + natural latex.

Flexible Sagging and restoration of the pillow.

Pillows made from 100% natural latex are flexible. If we press the hand on the pillow, it will be soft and stretchy, and when we remove the hand from the press there will be a return of the pillow. Immediately returned to its original shape.

And these are all tips to guide people who are looking for pillows. Or bedding to meet the needs of good health it is important not to forget that for the good health of sleep, choose good pillows. Find a good latex pillow to give to the one you love Choose a production system that uses modern technology, safe, free of harmful chemicals to the touch. As well as being friendly to health and the environment

Although “latex pillow” is a product that may cost more than general pillows. But compared to the quality and health of users Considered very cost-effective it is another option for people who are interested in the field of health. Because it is useful and meets the needs of people who love health.

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