Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Latex products or not, how to watch?
  • Good quality latex products It should be creamy white to off-white.
  • Real latex products have a mild rubber smell.
  • Is soft and flexible, tough, and hard to tear.
  • 100% natural latex products should have ventilation holes.
  • Noticed by eyes the pillow will have a smooth, unusual beauty, lightweight.
  • Experiment with pulling hard. the fake latex pillow will tear like tearing a sponge.
  • Inhale the smell of fake latex pillows, there will be a strong chemical smell.
How to wash latex products?

Use a cloth dampened with mild soapy water and wring it well and wipe clean only the stained area and then dry the “air” or “fan” because the product is damp. Should not be exposed to the sun and should not be washed with a washing machine. It will make such natural rubber products deteriorate and reduce service life.

Benefits from natural latex pillows and mattress topper?

1. Specifically designed for good health sleep with special features from natural latex. Make you sleep soundly all night, reduce neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain. It can better help relieve pressure than another type of pillow.

2. Open-cell technology enables enhanced air circulation for maximum breathability, which maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature from its design. No hot flashes or heat like memory foam as it can prevent moisture build-up by wicking away moisture.

3. Natural Latex has an over-expected rebound ability that rebounds quickly after being pressed. When flipping the body, the natural latex mattress responds quickly to changes in the body’s sleeping position and immediately bounces back. As soft and comfortable as sleeping in the clouds.

Does the latex pillow and mattress topper help reduce pain in the neck area?

Yes, it is!
Latex pillows are much softer and more resilient than pillows made of cotton and helping to distribute weight around the head. It helps to relax the nerves in the neck and brain. Can support the body in every posture of sleep. Reduce pressure on various areas. As well thus making the sleeper feel no pain and fatigue during sleep. Reduce compression of muscles and bones around the nape and back this will help reduce the risk of Degenerative cervical bone.

Why are natural latex pillows flawed?

Because latex was a one-off molding when it was injected latex foam into latex pillow mold at a time, it will inevitably be defective. Still, it will not affect the use. Genuine latex pillow when twisted in several circles, it will not tear due to the properties of its high elastic rubber.

What about a warranty?

Phuket Natural Latex provides a guarantee for the following products:
– Natural Latex Pillows – 2 years.
– Natural Latex Mattress-topper – 10 years.

Do you ship worldwide?

We are proud to offer international shipping services currently operating in over 115 countries. Nothing means more to us than bringing our customers great value and service. We will continue to grow to meet all our customers’ needs, delivering a service beyond all expectations anywhere in the world.

However, there are some locations we are unable to ship to. If you happen to be located in one of those countries, please contact us before checkout.
We produce new pillows made to order. Production time 3-5 working days after receiving the order.

What kind of shipping method do you choose?

We choose ePacket to ship the products to our customers as a fast shipping option and low cost.
Please check the destination country from

Customers Reviews

I work in graphic design. Have to sit and work in front of the computer for a long time. And I need to use my imagination to design it. I have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain when sitting at work, which means “Office Syndrome” My pain worries and distracts me in the design of the piece. I switched to a latex pillow. As suggested by Phuket Natural Latex the wonders of sleeping longer and less Aching.

Toey Zalapao / Facebook

I work in graphic design. And install stickers. I have neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain while work and sticking on the stickers, the pain becomes even more. Since I switched to using a latex pillow, my problem neck pain, and all with the neck, shoulders, has faded. I advise you to try a Natural Latex Pillow from the south of Thailand for good sleep, Bestseller products from Phuket, Thailand.

Baw Wattana / Facebook