We create organically pure latex

Phuket Natural Latex doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your health and refrains from adding synthetic latex which is made from petroleum (SBR-styrene butadiene) to its foam. But we prefer to be completely honest. We use latex milk selected from the best farms in south of Thailand, but the production of our latex products is not complete without the use of harmless additives.

It is just impossible for any natural latex foam products, to turn natural latex milk into foam without adding some ingredients such as soaps and foaming agents. Minimum of 95% natural latex content and no more than 5% additives. These ingredients are not harmful for your health, but they are there It can also help to stabilize the natural latex. This is one of the highest content percentage of pure latex in Thailand.

 Organic latex is the cleanest that you can buy for your health, the fairest for the rubber farmer and the safest for the planet. Organic rubber farms are not allowed to use any chemicals on the plantation (no pesticides or fertilizers). The rubber farmers get proper wages and maintain farming practices that help preserve the environment.

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