7 steps of production “100% Natural Latex pillow”

1. Spinning the latex in a stainless steel drum

Use concentrated latex is produced from fresh latex through the production process in order to have a concentration of 60% (Dry Rubber Content) weight 8-10 kg, add 3 types of the liquid solution according to the ratio;

>>>Mix the soap bubbles and blender for about 30 minutes.
>>>Add sulfur, anti-mold, preservative, and blender for 2 minutes.
>>>Add substances that help to solidify, stabilize, not collapse, Continue to spin for another 1.40 minutes.

2. Injection foam latex into molds

Bring the finished spun latex, Injection foam latex into molds, and let the rubber harden for 15 minute

3. Steaming

Put the latex foam mold in the oven steam at 100 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes, the heat from the steam gives the latex foam a pillow shape. (Like baking bread)

4. Cleaning and drying

Rinse thoroughly 3-4 times and dry with a blender for 15 minutes blow dry with a large fan for 18 hours to reduce the smell of latex.

5. Complete drying

Bring a latex pillow to the temperature control room. Let the sunlight come into and use a fan to dry completely for another 7 days.

6. Re-drying

Put the pillow in the oven at 60-70 degrees Celsius, take 6 hours again to dry completely, and trim the edges of the pillow to be smooth and beautiful.

7. Packaging

Trim the edges of the rubber pillow to be beautiful. The remaining pieces of rubber are used to produce compressed latex mattresses. And spinning latex pillows.

Bring the dried pillow into the warehouse. Measure moisture and pack it in a vacuum bag immediately. To prevent mold then put it into a casing ready to use.

Natural latex pillows from Phuket Natural Latex are meticulous in every production process. It is a genuine rubber that is injected into a mold. It is considered the best grade of the latex pillow. 100% safe from harmful chemicals, formulated with various chemical ingredients there is a standard 100% safety

Certification passed. And quality assurance From the Office of Scientific Instruments and Testing Prince of Songkla University ISO9001: 2015


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