Преимущества подушек из латекса, которые вы покупаете для людей, которых любите.

Pillow height what effect on health?

The pillow is too high

>Causing the throat to set up blood supply to the brain inconvenient
>It can cause joint disease, nape of the neck, over the blood vessels and nerves, such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and those with severe symptoms can also cause snoring.

The pillow is too low

>Causing high blood pressure especially with people with high blood pressure
>When he wakes up, he becomes dizzy. Swollen face and eyelids.
>Causing symptoms like a person who fell on a pillow, stiff neck and turned difficult

Suitable pillow

>It is a pillow that supports the head and neck in the same plane as the spine.
>Helps to fall asleep in a comfortable and natural position all night.
>The right pillow for each person differs mainly from sleeping posture and personal health issues.

Nowadays, the trend of latex pillows for health is gaining immense popularity among most people. Which people have turned to pay more attention to health about sleep especially the elderly whose body aches more easily than. For example, when waking up, pain may occur. Especially around the nape which is a problem that arises for many reasons but the main cause is from the selection of poor quality pillow. This results in pain from sleeping, so choosing a “latex pillow” is another alternative to the answer.

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